House Leveling


House leveling is the process of evening out the angle of a home. This is done by evenly balancing the level of a home’s foundation.

After many years of wear and tear, the foundation of a house can be damaged due to various reasons. As a result, parts of the house slowly begin to lean towards a certain direction where the foundation damage is occurring.

House leveling is done in order to bring a house back to its original balanced angle and also to protect the integrity of the structure.


A houses that is not evenly leveled is dangerous for multiple reasons. Let’s go over a couple of reasons why.

One main reason why an unevenly leveled house is dangerous is because it would be at a much higher risk of collapsing as a result of an earthquake. This is due to the fact that the house’s structural integrity would be compromised if it is not evenly leveled.

House structures are not meant to be leaning towards one side or another. If a house is not properly leveled anymore, then part of the house would be leaning towards the side that is lower. As a result of the house leaning towards a certain direction rather than standing up straight, the structural integrity of the house would be compromised. Therefore, the compromised structural integrity of the house would put it at a much higher risk of collapsing due to an earthquake.

Another reason why a house that is not evenly leveled is dangerous is due to the fact that the floor inside the home could be slanted in one direction rather than being flat. This can cause a person walking on it to lose balance and fall down. Walking on an uneven surface can also potentially cause back problems.


This is done by using the proper tools and equipment to raise and adjust the level of the foundation in order to bring it to an evenly balanced angle.

Once the house is raised in the areas that it was leaning lower, the proper materials are indefinitely added into place in order to keep the structure evenly leveled. The types of materials that are used to keep the structure balanced depend on the type of foundation that currently exists on the home. These materials include wood, stone, concrete, and rebar with concrete.


If the floor of the inside of your home feels like it might not be completely straight in some areas, then chances are that you may need house leveling.

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There are various reasons why a house may become unevenly leveled but they all point to one main effect.

When parts of a house's foundation becomes degraded, the house begins to slowly lean towards the direction of where it is being degraded. Various factors can be the cause of the degrading. These factors include the quality of wood, termites, water damage, mold, and more.

We would be able to tell you the exact cause of why your foundation is not evenly leveled after we come out to provide you with a FREE foundation inspection.